Testimonials - Charisma Health & Leisure

"I have been attending Charisma Health and Leisure since January 2007 and have thoroughly enjoyed it .When I first went there I needed a walking stick as I had had a number of hip replacements. I really felt the machines were not a chore. It was very therapeutic and over a time I found that my joints were moving much better. In no time I was able to hang my stick up

Charisma Health and Leisure has recently been taken over by a new owner and we are still enjoying every minute we are there. I know it sounds like I am speaking for others, but I am sure they will agree with what I say.

I have made some really good friends at Charisma and look forward to going three times a week. I travel from Halswell as do others so it's not too far away if it is going to help!"

Lorraine McKee